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The problem goes way deeper than challenging smart kids, people are way more receptive to things that align with their intrests or abilities to a great degree, even people who aren't super exceptional tend to grow a lot faster, and screw around in class less if there's something they find interesting on hand. Many learn different ways too, a one size fit's all environmnt actively punishes people that don't perfectly fit inside their cookie cutter. Shop classes aren't available in many schools, as are classes that teach skills that are directly useful. Learning how to read and write well is important, but unless the student is some sort of potato they should have that down reasonably well before leaving grade school, and the stuff they do in other classes should keep the skills fresh and up to date; why put everyone through such classes and waste several months if not actual years of usable time in the process. Same thing with other mandatory classes, it's just english/reading tends to be the largest offender. I am willing to bet that the overwelming majority, not just the super smart kids have had their growth stunted by this system, even the ones that appear to have done well have mostly accumulated knowledge and skills that are mostly useless to most people in real life.

One thing is a lot of sites have gotten worse, it's especially bad on ones with the tools to create a hugbox, or heavily biased mods. That sort of shit is "in" right now, it's less toxic when the tools to make a hugbox are not available, and the mods don't get rid of dissenting views.

Oh fot the days when everyone on the internet was a n****rfaggot, and nobody gave a shit.

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Combat mode doesn't do anything, in earlier versions I could direct Val, and Sarah without enslaving them, but I can't now, this makes the first monster capture quest impossible without enslaving one of them since there's no kick teammate button, and both of them have fire moves that inst-kill the heart slime before it can be weakened enough to be captured. Otherwise it seems to be improving.

Edit: Ashley solved this problem for me, but it would still be nice to be able to guide Val, and Sarah, since they typically don't make very good combat decisions on their own.

Terrible controls and movements, literally unplayable.

What is CPU optimization? Who needs that?

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It's good, you are good.


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What would happen if transformers was made in Japan, and they didn't take the overused mechs with giant swords and guns route.

The fire is done better than I usually see fire drawn, which is opaque and colored red and yellow. The fire needs that dim blue core at the bottom though.

I like where this is going, I have a feeling things will become much more interesting in the near future.

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

I'll give you a hint: the ice cream machine is going to make a second appearance very soon :)

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